May 10, 2010

Green Graffiti

How to make it? Check it here.

May 8, 2010


faltjahr 2010 from yohann on Vimeo.

Some long time ago, when I have been studying in Hungary, on my advertising class, I have developed my first POP up project. 3 dimensional phantasies will grab your attention on the spot when you hold it in your hands. Think how you can integrate such a media into your campaign, brand or simply an invitation to your birthday party. For inspiration check out this link.


I ask my self why do I write? For you, for myself or because of spreading the message... is there any value in what I do, is there any sense? Maybe better use this time for something else?... I have thought many times this direction, looking for the answers and reasons, but the only thing what I have found is that I really want to come back to my blog from time to time, and put there something that I really feel is valuable, for me, for some of you - I hope, and for the sake of spreading the message about ideas that make the life more interesting and creative.

April 1, 2010

Lego table

Creativity is the ability to conect the resources and materials in the unusual way and get a result that you would not arrive at if taking a conventional way. The guys at "Boys and Girls" did exactly the same and have created a lego table. I would love to have such at my home.

February 22, 2010

Creative office design

Hello, I am back from vacation. This time I will share one cool link with you that I have found just few minutes ago. That is about interior design, more specifically inerior ideas for your creative agency. I am about to finish my new home office soon and had an inner drive to look for some inspiration to make it not only nice, but also functional. Office design gallery seems to fit my inspirational needs. Happy to share it with you. Check it out, you will many great ideas there. Take care and good luck.

January 15, 2010

Kitesurfing, beard & my new girlfriend Eureka

or what about leaving to Philippines on Monday
Some time ago I have decided to grow a beard, shave my head bold and leave my office for one month trip to Philippines. Now - I have all what I need to fullfill my wild dreams. Tickets to Manila, couple of centimeters new grown beard, enough of hair on my head (will shave them on the beach when the sun will go down) to transform into a bold travel man. In addition I take my kitesurfing equipment & pair of shoes (still need to buy them). And on Monday fly away. One thing however was missing. What to do with blog? To tell you the truth I wanted to keep on blogging during my trip, but just had no idea how to integrate it into the main idea of this blog. It is not about travel, its about marketing and design. I was almost about to start new blog, but then my girlfriend "Eureka" has knocked on my head (still with a hair) and suggested I would continue writing about the same stuff what i did for the last month - design and marketing, just from the travelers perspective. I said thank you and gave her a kiss. She insisted to take me with her since she can help me to find out good stories on my way. I said ok. And gave her another kiss.

Story to be continued...