January 10, 2010

Fortune-teller vs. Google teller

What people of today are concerned about? Well, if you want to market your product in a competitive world of today you better have a clue about that. Good news, is that you do not need to get a master's degree in fortune telling in order to come up with the insights. Today you can get feedback from hundreds of thousands of people. For free. In just one click you come up with insights that f.e people are:

- obssesed with making money online,
- looking for friends & job,
- wants to love in french
- dance like michael jackson,
- learn how to play poker,
- drink beer fast & to look good in pictures.

How to do that? Simple, cheap & creative solution. You just go on google and check on search bar the results. How to use such results for your next campaign - that is just a matter of your creativity and questions you put on Google teller.

1 comment:

Aivaras said...

Paimk googla ir parasyk lietuviska kaip :)
Pirmas google pasiulymas: Kaip numesti svorio
Penktas google pasiulymas: Kaip priaugti svorio

Pagal tai sprendziu, kad lietuviai labai susibalansavus tauta:) Dar tarpe rasi, kaip susirast vaikina, pasigamint bomba, parasyt cv, etc.