January 6, 2010

How to create your own pair of socks

Want to create your pair of socks? I do not know how can i help you, but maybe 'Four rooms' can. Four rooms is a 4 step creative process, which helps you to come up with a solution in case you are left alone in a room and have no-one to brainstorm with.

First room – you explore all the best what has been created in the world up to date. You visit all possible sources of information which are related to your subject. Musuems, books, stores, web. But you do not create in this room, because most probably that you will end up by producing a lower version of the best one in the world. Keep patient. Move on to second room.

Second room – dig into creation/ production processes. How socks become socks? Have no clue, but you better check it how sock are designed, knitted, sued, weared… what materials and where they come from, what special is about making them comfortable to wear and so on. Put on your socks and move on to third room.

Third room – advertising. You check out all possible advertisements about socks. You see how different brands are positioned, what promises they communicate. Check customer feedback on forums to see how they perceive the value, get insights on holes development and repair tips. Here you are almost finished with preparation phase so it is time to rush into fourth room right now.

Fourth room – dark room. That is the dark space where you sit alone with a long pair of socks and where the real work starts. So move on, your head is full of fruits, just harvest them, mix, blend and create your own unique pair of socks.

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