January 5, 2010

The power of story

I have always believed in a power of story. Once, when I was a little kid, I have been selling sprouts in a bazaar. There were early summer Saturday mornings in the mid 90's. Lots of rushing people around, lots of competition for better price & better product. But I used to manage to make a good profit everytime. There was one little trick I had to differentiate myself from other dosens of sprout sellers - I was a little boy telling big stories about his product. How special it is, where is it grown, how is it grown, how tasty and nice berries you will harvest in couple of months, once sprouts will get routed into your garden's soil. I have always had a book with me also. To look smarter and to stimulate my stories with visuals. In case you have doubt - I would quickly grab the book, open the page to point the full colour picture with a fresh and tasty berries. And then you pay for the story. Little kid collecting money from people in exchange for fresh sprouts wrapped into stories. I did it following my intuition. A bit bigger guys do it on purpose. Read here how good story can help you sell little things for big profit.

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